Screaming Females - All At Once out 2/23! October 16, 2017

New Jersey DIY-punk luminaries Screaming Females have announced their seventh studio album All At Once, due out February 23, 2018 on Don Giovanni Records.

It will be made available in various formats including Digital, CD, Double-LP vinyl with a Limited Edition 7” and a Deluxe Limited Edition LPx3 with the 7” and an exclusive bonus LP of album demos. The band collaborated with producer Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Mastodon), setting out to make an album in the spirit of a salon-style gallery show, where larger pieces provide an eye-level focal point to a galaxy of smaller works. Concision took a back seat to experimentation, with arrangements meant to evoke the energy and spontaneity of their live performances.

Now more than a decade into its existence, Screaming Females can claim something that few of their peers possess in a comparable capacity: experience. “When you’ve been a band for 12 or 13 years, the resources can dry up and you just go back to what feels comfortable,” explains Dougherty. “The other option is that you develop stuff that a younger band would not have been able to do.” All At Once is the evidence of that growth -- in its sprawl and scope, but also in its subtleties. “A song like ‘Glass House’ is something we knew we were capable of, but it took a while to fully embrace,” says Paternoster. “It’s very simple -- just bass, drums, and two simple riffs. In the past, I might have insisted on adding more. Practicing self-restraint is something I have consciously been trying to do.”

  • All vinyl pre-orders come with a limited edition 7” single featuring “Shake It Off” b/w “If It Makes You Happy” (recorded live for AV Club’s “Under Cover” series).
  • All Screaming Females titles in store are 15% off during the pre-order period.

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New L7 Single out Today! September 29, 2017

Legendary pioneers of American grunge punk, L7 have released their electrifying onslaught of a new single Dispatch from Mar-a-Lagoon Don Giovanni Records today. The track is the result of Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner’s first writing collaboration in 18 years. A raucous, bombastic party rock anthem for the sinking Titanic, it is a sardonic yet joyous middle finger of a track that sits somewhere between “Anarchy in the U.K.” and “Springtime for Hitler”.

“We knew we wanted to make some new L7 music, but also didn’t want the pressure or expectation of that First Track weightiness so we went for pure fun and absurdity.” explains Sparks. “The lyrical musicality of the word Mar-a-Lago just lent itself to an inspired song of these crazy assed times”.

Listen & Share: “Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago”


Zenizen's debut EP "Australia" out 10/20 September 27, 2017
Photo Credit: Tim Murray

On October 20th, Nu Black Music Group and Don Giovanni Records will release Australia (Deluxe), the debut EP by Zenizen, the artistic manifestation of singer Opal Hoyt. Available digitally and in a limited vinyl edition, the record includes music written during Hoyt's recent stay in Australia and includes remixes from DJ Bruce, Vulture Street, Tape Gang, Suzi Analogue, and Black Spade.

“I wrote everything here to try and understand myself,” explains the singer. “I grew up with what seemed like never-ending step-parents, relatives, and various other village members who took different levels of responsibility for shaping what I think and conceive in my life. I was born in Alaska, adopted from Oklahoma, and raised starting in Vermont by a Russian Orthodox Jew and a 4th generation Vermonter. I have a Jamaican family where I grew up speaking patois and telling the boys how rasss it was to think I'm coming out late at night to see them. Australia (Deluxe) is about experience, exploration, the beginning of a rejection of accommodation and a very, very light assertion of self.”

Today, Zenizen posted a video for the EP track "Expanding." The clip was shot in Bushwick by Bienvenido Cruz.

Watch the Zenizen's "Expanding" video HERE

Watch Zenizen's NYLON live session HERE

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Irreversible Entanglements debut album out today on International Anthem/Don Giovanni September 26, 2017

Irreversible Entanglements are a liberation-oriented free jazz collective formed in early 2015 by saxophonist Keir Neuringer, poet Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother) and bassist Luke Stewart, who came together to perform at a Musicians Against Police Brutality event organized after the slaying of Akai Gurley by the NYPD.

Months later, the group added trumpeter Aquiles Navarro and drummer Tcheser Holmes (a duo who also performed at the MAPB event) for a single day of recording at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn and the full quintet’s first time playing together was captured for this debut.

In four relentless bouts of inspired fire music the instrumentalists explore and elaborate compositional ideas drawn from their deep individual studies of free jazz improvisation, but the tone of each piece is driven decisively by Ayewa’s searing poetic narrations of Black trauma, survival and power.

The message is the undeniable essence of the music. Though free jazz with voice is an uncommon approach in the modern day landscape of the genre, the spirit and subject the band channels and explores represent a return to a central tenant of the sound as it was founded – to be a vehicle for Black liberation. As creative and adventurous as any recording of contemporary avant-garde jazz but offering listeners no abstractions to hide behind, this is music that both honors and defies tradition, speaking to the present while insisting on the future.

The record is out as a split release between International Anthem and Don Giovanni Records.

Preview/Purchase/Pre-order Irreversible Entanglements HERE

Non-Person - Vacation

"Non-Person" is one of my favorite Don Giovanni releases because it reminds me of one of the greatest trips of my life: tour with Vacation.  We had so much fun and made so many wonderful memories.  I also believe it is a flawless record.  It was such a treat to watch them perform every night." - Marissa Paternoster

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