Purchase tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/1MLSzCG
Purchase tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/1MLSzCG
Purchase tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/1MLSzCG



There is an alternative to music released and distributed by three multi-national corporations.
There is an alternative to music festivals as branded experience for millennial males.
There is an alternative to music steeped in sexism, racism, and homophobia.
There is an alternative to corporately managed bands.
There is an alternative to music as a commodity.
There is an alternative to corporately run music festivals.

-- Friday, September 16 at Convention Hall --

11:00 pm - Screaming Females
9:55pm - Ought
9:00 pm - P.S. Eliot
8:10 pm - Tenement
7:25 pm - Nude Beach
6:45 pm - California X
6:00 pm - Shellshag
5:30 pm - Sammus
4:55 pm - Pinkwash
4:20 pm - Moor Mother
3:45 pm - Izzy True
3:20 pm - Dusk
2:55 pm - Giant Peach
2:15 pm - Longings
1:50 pm - Kindling
1:25 pm - The Rememberables

-- Friday, September 16 at Asbury Park Yacht Club --

9:00 pm -- Reflowered Girlz
10:00 pm -- Secret Mountain
11:00 pm -- Teenage Halloween
12:00 pm -- Fake Limbs

-- Saturday, September 17 at Convention Hall --

11:00 pm - Downtown Boys
9:55 pm - Girlpool
9:00 pm - Laura Stevenson
8:10 pm - Rye Coalition
7:25 pm - Sex Stains
6:45 pm - Aye Nako
6:05 pm - Mal Blum
5:30 pm - Jeffrey Lewis
4:55 pm - Dyke Drama
4:20 pm - Try The Pie
3:45 pm - Outer Spaces
3:20 pm - Trophy Wife
2:55 pm - Upset
2:15 pm - Jamie Kilstein and The Agenda
1:50 pm - Vagabon
1:25 pm - Amy Klein
1:00 pm - Antibodies

-- Saturday, September 17 at Asbury Park Yacht Club --

9:00 pm -- Algebra II
10:00 pm -- Fortune Yeller
11:00 pm -- Wild Rice
12:00 pm -- Finchler

-- Sunday, September 18 at Convention Hall --

11:00 pm - The Hotelier
9:55 pm - Mirah
9:00 pm - Radiator Hospital
8:10 pm - Worriers
7:25 pm -Roadside Graves
6:45 pm - Mikey Erg
6:05 pm - Big Eyes
5:30 pm - The Max Levine Ensemble
4:55 pm - Daniel Bachman
4:20 pm - Priests
3:45 pm - Painted Zeros
3:20 pm - Basement Benders
2:55 pm - Puff Pieces
2:15 pm - Electric Trip
1:50 pm - Groucho Marxists
1:25 pm - Brick Mower
1:00 pm - Nervous Triggers

Don Giovanni Records Presents:
September 16-18 at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

This fall, Don Giovanni Records will host The New Alternative Music Festival: three days of music without multi-nationals.

The concerts will take place September 16th - 18th at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ. Care has been taken to keep the ticket price as low as possible. Individual tickets will be sold for $28 in advance and $30 at the door, with a three-day pass available for $75. The shows will be all ages. NAMF is a one-time-only event and will not be repeated in subsequent years.

Who will be there: Algebra II, Antibodies, Aye Nako, Daniel Bachman, Basement Benders, Big Eyes, Mal Blum, Brick Mower, California X, Downtown Boys, Dusk, Dyke Drama, Electric Trip, Fake Limbs, Finchler, Fortune Yeller, Giant Peach, Girlpool, Groucho Marxists, The Hotelier, Izzy True, Jamie Kilstein and The Agenda, Kindling, Amy Klein, Longings, The Max Levine Ensemble, Mikey Erg, Mirah, Moor Mother Goddess, Nervous Triggers, Nude Beach, Ought, Outer Spaces, P.S. Eliot, Painted Zeros, Pinkwash, Puff Pieces, Radiator Hospital, Reflowered Girls, The Rememberables, Roadside Graves, Rye Coalition, Sammus, Screaming Females, Secret Mountain, Sex Stains, Shellshag, Laura Stevenson, Teenage Halloween, Tenement, Trophy Wife, Try The Pie, Upset, Vagabon, Wild Rice, Worriers

Who will not: Multi-national corporations.

The New Alternative Music Festival is not just a concert it is also an intentional event. It's an attempt to gather together bands with diverse sounds, but common values. The performers are independent artists without ties to major labels or their music distribution. There will be no sponsors, no backdoor advertising via branded content, or other base money-making schemes.

This is a pro-weirdo event held in direct opposition to the apolitical sludge that has come to pass as "indie" and that has nothing to do with operating independently. Where many festivals reflect critical acclaim, the NAMF lineup is meant to reflect a community. In addition to making great music, many of these artists are involved because they are peers, tourmates, and friends.

Why do we need a new alternative? In recent years, the words "alternative" and "independent" have lost much of their meaning. In the past, these terms might have indicated a willful rejection of mainstream sensibilities and business practices. Today they have come to signify the quirky and the benign.

The New Alternative Music Festival is an attempt to retake lost ground. For three days, it will seek to create a space for music to be heard without commercial interruption.

Purchase tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/1MLSzCG

The New Alternative Music Festival will have two stages, though no bands will be overlaping.
The second stage is called the Stage A Revolution Stage in order to bring attention to an important Asbury Park program:

"Stage A Revolution is a music and mentoring program that empowers girls and women through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. We're a Girls Rock Camp Alliance-affiliated organization that aims to host events and workshops year-round, with our first summer day camp in Asbury Park next summer (2017). Right now, we're looking for musicians and cool local thing-doers to volunteer and help get things started!"

More information: stagearevolutionap@gmail.com // facebook.com/stagearevolutionap // instagram: @stagearevolutionap

For more information please contact: newaltmusicfest@gmail.com

Don Giovanni Records