Giant Peach - Tarantula is Out Now!

Written by Don Giovanni on 01/22/2016 12:42pm

Giant Peach's debut alum Tarantula is out now! You can order it from us here. Watch a video for "Deserted" below and catch them on tour:

thurs 1/28 - Brooklyn NY RELEASE PARTY @ Molasses Books (not a show)
fri 1/29 - Philadelphia PA @ Pilam w/ Littler, Outer Spaces, Blowdryer, Manatree
sat 1/30 - Brooklyn NY @ Aviv w/ Outer Spaces, Spit-Take, Rips, Chomp
sun 1/31 - Smithtown NY @ Tom Cleary's house w/ Adult Magic, Tomchalant, Petal Head, Greg Baker
weds 2/17 - Brooklyn NY @ Alphaville w/ Ghastly City Sleep, Cold Sweats, Baked
thurs 2/18 - New Haven CT @ TBA w/ Spit-Take
fri 2/19 - Ithaca NY @ Cayuga Lodge w/ Modern Hut, Izzy True, Benjamin Torrey
sat 2/20 - Brooklyn NY @ Union Pool w/ Big Eyes
sun 2/21 - New Brunswick NJ @ In The West w/ Casual, Secretary Legs, Teenage Halloween

Giant Peach - Tarantula out Jan 22nd!

Written by Don Giovanni on 12/11/2015 8:19pm

Excited to announce well be working with Giant Peach to release their debut album Tarantula!
Giant Peach is the natural extension of the early and disparate solo bedroom projects of Frances Chang and Mike Naideau.

Upon meeting in 2008, their guitar-driven efforts began to merge, though the idiosyncrasies of each were so undiluted and divergent that they seemed to repel like oil and water. But, they found that each added hues unnatural to the other's spectrum. And as they continued to grow up together their long histories of musical influences bled into one.

Never aiming to be any "kind" of band, GP's noisy and emotional music flowed naturally from the quality of the time. With the early addition of drummer David Shotwell and more recent Luke Holstein on bass, the group utilized the stark aesthetic polarities existent between its members to pen a new slew of dense and specific songs realized through elongated moments of tension.

Tarantula is the first full length release from the current four-piece. A crystallized feeling of swimming upstream in an attempt to fulfill the potential of what has yet come to be... a collection of watery and distorted rock that falls somewhere between the compressed scream of Husker Du and the contemplative hum of Helium.
Watch a video for "Deserted" from the album:

Vacation on tour!

Written by Don Giovanni on 11/18/2015 9:27am

Vacation are going on tour in November and December with lots of dates with Shellshag and Pale Angels! They also have a new music video for "Strange Fascinations" from their recently released and now back-in-stock Non-Person:

Vacation 2015 Winter Tour:

11/21/15 - Bloomington, IN @ 1102 S. Washington St. ^
11/22/15 - Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar *^
11/23/15 - Milwaukee, WI @ Lucky Cat *
11/24/15 - Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar *
11/25/15 - Indianapolis, IN @ Bag End *
11/27/15 - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club *
11/28/15 - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex *
11/29/15 - Columbus, OH @ Spacebar *
11/30/15 - Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s North
12/1/15 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
12/2/15 - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
12/3/15 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
12/4/15 - New Brunswick, NJ @ In The West
12/5/15 - Boston, MA @ Thieves Grotto
12/6/15 - Salem, MA @ KOTO
12/7/15 - South Berwick, ME @ MINI CINCI
12/8/15 - Amherst, MA @ Titanica
12/9/15 - Long Island, NY @ Mr. Beery’s
12/10/15 - Washington, DC @ Songbyrd DC ^
12/11/15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Second Empire ^
12/12/15 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House ^
12/13/15 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room


Noun - Throw Your Body On The Gears... album out now!

Written by Don Giovanni on 11/01/2015 9:05am

Surprise and Happy Halloween everyone! There is a brand new Noun (Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females) album out now! It's called Throw Your Body On The Gears And Stop The Machine With Your Blood. Marissa's Mom (who we released an art book from earlier this year) did the artwork for it. Mark Bronzino (Kicking Spit, Big Eyes, Iron Reagan, etc.) plays on the record with Marissa too!

You can order it here on white vinyl! 
You can listen to it in full here.

You can also buy it on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify! 

Help us spread the word about it and maybe sharing your favorite song. This one is mine:


If you're in the Philadelphia area Marissa is throwing a release party:


11/20 - FREE! - 9:00pm- At Vox Populi in Philadelphia, PA.

-Featuring DJ SHOMI NOISE spinning the darkest, spookiest, queerest tracks!
-Artwork by Marissa and Leslie Paternoster!
-A screening of the new NOUN music video!
-Copies of the record will be available for sale!

Mitylion - Nite Flite out November 27th!

Written by Don Giovanni on 10/26/2015 11:49am

Very excited to announce that well be releasing the debut album, Nite Flite, from Mitylion which will be out November 27th (pre-order here)! Mitylion is the new project from Ari Katz (Lifetime, Miss TK And The Revenge, Zero Zero). Ari has been working on this record for over 3 years and I'm extremely proud to be able to share a song from it with everyone! More info including pre-order info coming soon!

Listen to the song "My Yard Is On":

Pre-order here!

Big Eyes - Local Celebrity single out now!

Written by Don Giovanni on 10/23/2015 10:22am

Big Eyes are back! A brand new single is out now and you can watch a spooky music video for "Local Celebrity" directed by Brendan McKnight at AV Club. Happy Halloween everyone!
Local Celebrity is available on iTunes/Spotify/etc. now! There will also be a limited physical version available later in the winter on Greenway Records.

MTV12 Acquired by Don Giovanni Records

Written by Don Giovanni on 10/21/2015 12:09pm

In our continuing effort to reach as many millennial male demographic humans as possible we have acquired the television network MTV12 for an undisclosed sum of money.
You may now enjoy the first episode of the program hosted by VJs Misty and Dawn Riddle and guest-starring Camae of Moor Mother Goddess.
With your help and support we may soon achieve our goal of reaching all of the millennial males.

Larry Livermore - How To Ru(i)n A Record Label book out November 13th!

Written by Don Giovanni on 10/09/2015 3:33pm

We're releasing another book by Larry Livermore! This one chronicles the rise and fall of Lookout Records from his perspective. Pre-orders can get their book signed and personalized by Larry including one of just 100 limited hardcover copies.


In 1987, off-the-grid punk agitator Larry Livermore began documenting the burgeoning DIY East Bay punk rock scene with the newly founded Lookout Records. He had no idea this little label, first run out of his solar powered cabin in the Northern California mountains, then a cramped room in the backstreets of Berkeley, would rise to international prominence, introducing the world to the likes of Green Day, Operation Ivy, and a host of other artists.

How To Ru(i)n A Record Label documents the author’s experiences from Gilman Street to Bialystok, Poland, as he built Lookout from the ground up, only to find himself losing control of the label a mere ten years later, and abruptly walking away from the multi-million dollar company when it was at its peak of success.

Throughout that time, however, he was central to the influential scene that gave birth to Gilman Street, Maximum Rocknroll, and a new generation of independent music that has had an everlasting effect on both the underground and mainstream. In the process, he just might even have found himself.

Larry Livermore was the co-founder of Lookout Records, the editor and publisher of Lookout magazine, and a longtime columnist for Maximum Rocknroll and Punk Planet. His first memoir, Spy Rock Memories, was published in 2013 by Don Giovanni Records. He lives in Brooklyn.

Praise For How To Ru(i)n A Record Label

"A great book by a true veteran. Well told, funny and entertainingly opinionated." – Jesse Michaels, Operation Ivy

"How To Ru(i)n A Record Label is Larry Livermore's engrossing account of being in the epicenter of the East Bay punk scene when it exploded, told from the perspective of the man holding the detonator."  – Liz Prince, author of Tomboy

"While Green Day and Nirvana were causing kids to start bands, labels like Lookout were inspiring them to start record labels." – Joe Steinhardt, Don Giovanni Records

"[Larry Livermore] created Lookout Records for all the right reasons." –Mike Dirnt, Green Day 

"Larry Livermore's memoirs offer invaluable insight into his life not only as a champion of Lookout Records, but also as an activist, author, and intrepid adventurer" – Marissa Paternoster, Screaming Females

“It’s so rare to get to have an independent label that’s putting out bands that are in a scene, a place like Gilman Street, where we come from. They [Lookout] were putting out my favorite records at the time, whether it was Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy, [or] Isocracy . . ."  – Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

“Larry writes incisively and tellingly about an era he didn’t just witness, but helped define.”– Danny Penman, author of You Are Not Your Pain and Mindfulness For Creativity

“A brilliant book by one of the greatest tastemakers in the history of punk rock”. – Grant Lawrence, award-winning broadcaster and author, former lead singer of the Smugglers


Don Giovanni Records Garage Sale!

Written by Don Giovanni on 09/29/2015 10:54am

We're in the process of a huge move and so were holding a huge garage sale! If you've been following our label we rarely, if ever, do big sales like this but we really do need your help in making this move easier.
Learn more about the sale here, including an exclusive MTV 12 update with VJ Misty (Marissa Paternoster), VJ Dawn Riddle, and myself!
Thank you in advance for your support!

Laura Stevenson - Cocksure out October 30th

Written by Don Giovanni on 08/28/2015 11:06am


On October 30th were going to be releasing the long-awaited new full length from Laura Stevenson called Cocksure. You can pre-order it now on CD/LP/Digital or as part of a special bundle of pre-orders only with an exclusive t-shirt! It is a masterpiece but don't take my word for it, listen for yourself:

Mal Blum - You Look A Lot Like Me pre-orders up now!

Written by Don Giovanni on 08/21/2015 11:11am

The wait is over! You can now pre-order Mal Blum's brand new Marissa Paternoster-produced album You Look A Lot Like Me!

You can pre-order it on CD, LP, or in a deluxe bundle with an exclusive shirt and pin! All pre-orders come signed and with a poster!

Watch Mal play a new song off this album live on The Chris Gethard show while Will Ferrell watches in awe!

Free New Brunswick show w/ Screaming Females / Downtown Boys / + MORE

Written by Don Giovanni on 08/05/2015 3:28pm

We are really excited to announce the lineup for our annual free outdoor show in New Brunswick this year! We had some really great bands from New Brunswick High School play last year and have asked them back again in addition to great bands from New Brunswick and Don Giovanni Records, all hosted by our friend Brett Davis. See you there!!

Sept. 12th, 2015

Don Giovanni Records Presents:


Screaming Females
Downtown Boys
Electric Trip
Izzy True
Wild Rice

With your host Brett Davis!

Boyd Park, New Brunswick, NJ  

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM


The Roadside Graves - Acne/Ears out September 4th!

Written by Don Giovanni on 07/31/2015 1:11pm

The Roadside Graves are one of those secret NJ treasures and one of those bands you kinda obsess over trying to track down rarities and specific live versions you heard about from your friends. When I first moved to New Brunswick, The Roadside Graves were the band, and the band that seemed to bring everyone together no matter what kind of music you were into. Some of the most fun nights I ever had involved Roadside Graves shows. Back when Zach and I were first kinda daydreaming about the band we wanted to work with the Graves were one of them but didn’t really make sense for us at the time since we were only really doing 7″s. When they asked if we wanted to put out their new record it was a no brainer.

Listen to the song Gospel Radio off the album:

Pre-order on iTunes now!

Aye Nako - The Blackest Eye out now!

Written by Don Giovanni on 07/10/2015 8:52am

Aye Nako's long awaited follow up to Unleash Yourself is out now! You can order The Blackest Eye here, or get one from them on tour!

Downtown Boys on tour!

Written by Don Giovanni on 06/24/2015 9:33am

Downtown Boys are going on a big US tour starting Friday! Don't miss them when they come to your city!

6/26 Providence, RI @ Columbus Theater (benefit show to pass Providence anti-racial profiling ordinance) 
6/30 Cleveland, OH Now that's Class 
7/1 Chicago, IL Subterranean (Free)
7/2 Manhattan, KS @ Church of Swole 
7/3 Denver, CO Mutiny Information Cafe 
7/4 OFF 
7/5 Boise, ID @ Neurolux 
7/6 Portland, OR @ TBA 
7/7 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge 
7/8 Vancouver, BC @ Black Lab 
7/9 Olympia, WA @ TBA 
7/10 Arcata, CA @ Bat Cave 
7/11 San Jose, CA @ Think and Die Thinking 
7/12 San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern 
7/13 Los Angeles, CA @ Thee Alley 
7/14 Riverside, CA @ Blood Orange Infoshop 
7/15 Ensenada, MX @ Euro Bar 
7/16 Tijuana, MX @ 1250 
7/17 Phoenix, AZ @ Netroots Nation UFCW Afterparty 
7/18 El Paso, TX Boomtown 
7/19 Mcallen, TX @ AQUInceañera Fest at Yerberia Cultura 
7/20 Austin, TX @ Mohawk (Inside) 
7/21 Houston, TX @ Walters 
7/22 New Orleans, LA @ 1305 Poland Street 
7/23 off 
7/24 Orlando, FL @ Space Station 
7/25 Miami, FL @ Churchhills 
7/26 Jacksonville, FL @ Rain Dogs 
7/27 Savannah, GA @ QuoLab 
7/28 Atlanta, GA @ TBA 
7/29 Raleigh, NC @ Nice Price Books and Records