My Hateable Face

Catalog Number: DG-59
Release Date: October 2012
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Starting with the driving opener “Touchdown Jesus” and closing with the fuzzed out bass of “Captain Trips”, New Brunswick, NJ melodic punkers Brick Mower pack in twelve absolute bangers on their second LP My Hateable Face, their first with Don Giovanni. Tons of touring throughout 2012 culminated in the flawless playing throughout this record, from the tight drum fills of “Cheap Gasoline” and the jangly guitar of “Trip the Stairs” to the up-tempo “Back to Haunt Me” and sweet indie sounds of “Frozen Firecracker.” The B-side slows down with “Off to the Races,” returning full force with the fast paced “New Steam”. At times, comparisons to indie rock luminaries Superchunk and Archers of Loaf are apt, but in the tradition and spirit of some of New Brunswick’s finest, such as the Ergs! and the Measure [SA], overall, Brick Mower play honest, passionate punk, with an ear for a good melody, and time for the perfect killer hook.

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