Catalog Number: DG-08
Release Date: August 2005
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An instant classic that helped to revitalize the New Brunswick, NJ punk scene as well as the US pop-punk scene upon its release that sounds just as fresh today as when it first came out. Essential.

"The Ergs!, darlings of the Pop-Punk world from New Jersey, turned the music world sideways with the album dorkrockcorkrod. They are a power trio in every sense of the phrase. Jeff’s mid range vocals and guitar gives an energy that seems more like a field of sound. Joe’s bass lines hit and percuss with a bobbling, well controlled tempo. More than once I’ve called him one of the top five bass players of our generation. Mikey brings it all together with drumming and singing. His voice hits the upper registers, but holds very far away from a whine."
-Lead Us Down

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