The Ergs!
Format: LP
Catalog Number: DG-08
Release Date: August 2005
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Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Artwork by Rev. Norb
Layout by Joseph Steinhardt(first), Nate Schmoe(repress)


01. First Song, Side One
02. A Very Special Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part II
03. Extra Medium
04. Fishbulb
05. Most Violent Rap Group
06. Pray For Rain
07. Saturday Nite Crap-O-Rama
08. Running, Jumping, Standing Still
09. It's Never Going To Be The Same Again
10. August 19th
11. Maybe I'm The New Messiah
12. Rod Argent
13. Everything Falls Apart And More
14. Vampire Party
15. I Feel Better Tonight
16. 180 Emotional Ollie

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