Screaming Females
Format: CD/LP
Catalog Number: DG-29
Release Date: April 2009
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Screaming Females bring the sweaty intensity of basement punk to a new level with their third and most scorching full-length, Power Move. Their urgent vocals, gritty guitar solos, and iron- strong rhythms have garnered the attention of Spin Magazine, Maximum Rock n Roll, and everyone in-between. Power Move has a startlingly original sound that incorporates elements of Hendrix-like jazz-fusion, screamed post-punk vocals, electrically charged basslines, and hypnotic melodies. In a nutshell, it's indie rock with shredding.
Recorded by Eric Bennet at Hunt Studio
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Artwork and Layout by Marissa Paternoster


1. Bell
2. Sour Grapes
3. Skull
4. Treacher Collins
5. Starving Dog
6. Lights Out
7. I Believe In Evil
8. Adult Army
9. Halfway Down
10. Buried In The Nude

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