For Science
Format: CD/LP
Catalog Number: DG-13
Release Date: July 2006 (CD) / February 2012 (LP)
Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy
Mastered by Joseph Steinhardt

Artwork by Lauren Measure at Black And Red Eye
Layout by Joseph Steinhardt and John Slover


01. Leeloo
02. Brains Vs. Balls
03. Blackout Blue
04. Multi-Life
05. Love Batteries
06. In The Movies
07. Kirsten Dunst
08. Upgrade To Poison
09. Bags
10. Colorado
11. Nothing Constant
12. Round Me
13. Ribbons
14. Shut Up Cindy
15. Tara
16. Fenway Lights
17. Schoolboy

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