p.s. eliot2007-2011

Sisters Katie and Allison Crutchfield formed P.S. Eliot in Birmingham, Alabama in 2007. Hoping to tour as much as possible, the band began traveling the country shortly after self-releasing it’s first set of songs, the Bike Wreck demo.

After a few early lineup changes, the core group would come to include the Crutchfield sisters (Katie on guitar and vocals, Allison on drums), bassist Katherine Simonetti, and guitarist Will Granger. It was this version of the band that appeared on P.S. Eliot’s first full-length, Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds, which came out in 2009 on Salinas Records.

Following a full US tour with Philadelphia’s Hop Along, the quartet recorded a 5-song EP, Living In Squalor, and continued to do shorter trips, including one with Houston’s Football, Etc. In 2010, P.S. Eliot recorded and released its second and final LP, Sadie, which was also released on Salinas. After completing that recording session, Granger left the band. Allison and Katie relocated to Brooklyn, NY and did one last tour as P.S. Eliot in 2011 with Big Eyes. The group called it quits for good later that year, following goodbye shows in Brooklyn and New Brunswick, NJ.

This set gathers the band’s complete recordings, including both LPs, the Living in Squalor 7” (which will be available digitally for the first time), the Bike Wreck demo, as well as a number of home recordings. All have been digitally remastered. Mail-orders will also include an exclusive zine featuring an oral history of the band assembled by Liz Pelly.

Catalog Number


Release Date

September 02, 2016

Disc One:

01. tennessee
02. we'd never agree
03. hail mary
04. incoherent love songs
05. augustus
06. like how you are
07. tangible romance
08. tonight
09. the cyborg
10. zoroaster
11. sore subject
12. troubled medium
13. talk
14. cross eyed
15. sadie
16. asphalt
17. pink sheets
18. untitled
19. shitty & tragic
20. jesus christ
21. peach
22. diana
23. dead letters
24. mood ring
25. watch on mute

Disc Two:

01. broken record
02. cry uncle
03. acid flashbacks
04. dark
05. bear named otis
06. broken record
07. entendre
08. like how you are
09. tonight
10. troubled medium
11. cross eyed (demo)
12. incoherent love songs (demo)
13. asphalt (demo)
14. hail mary (demo)
15. cry uncle (demo)
16. the cyborg (demo)
17. tangible romance (demo)
18. jesus christ (demo)
19. dead letters (demo)
20. bear named otis (demo)
21. untitled (demo)
22. diana (demo)
23. watch on mute (demo)
24. sore subject (demo)
25. zoroaster (demo)