Marvin Berry & The New SoundBootleg

Finally! The wait is over! The blue sound of the New Sound has crawled it’s way out from bar room obscurity, out of the darkest corners of New York City cellars to the hearts and ears of the yearning, burning, table top turning masses who have waited, anything but patiently, to be saved by its sick sounds. Feel free to toss your record collections because BOOTLEG is here and its BIG! This slab o’ wax needs the whole shelf. From the “something” drums (BANG!) to the “something something” bass (BOOM!). The “blah blah” guitars (WAAH!), and don’t forget about that front man (YOWZA!). YOWZA! These guys have got IT! What’s “IT” you ask? Hell I don’t know, ask your girlfriend. All I know is this album smokes! It chain smokes even! So don’t wait! Don’t be late! Don’t procrastinate! BOOTLEG is here!

Catalog Number


Release Date

February 25, 2014

1. Know My Role
2. White Jungle
3. Good Lookin'
4. Space Age
5. Black Eggish
6. Wildwood
7. Two Pillows
8. Hawaiian Punch
9. Power Rock
10. Waitin'
11. Bluebird

Release Credits
Recorded by Marvin Berry & The New Sound and Hunchback Craig.
Mixed by Jon and Nick
Mastered by Mario Viele

Layout/Design by Nick
Photos by Adam Erickson