Don Giovanni Records

Release Info

Format CD/LP/Digital

Catalog Number DG-35

Release Date July 2010 (CD) / February 2012 (LP)

01 Black Lamb
02 Outerspace
03 Old Friends
04 Holy Hell
05 Wrong Things
06 Call Earth
07 Pearly Gates
08 So Rough
09 Brother
10 Talk

Now available on vinyl! With the band Screaming Females, Marissa Paternoster has been known to shred until her fingers bleed. But with her 5-year-old low- profile solo project Noun, Marissa dedicates less time to shrieking and soloing, and more to intricate studio work and lower-key instrumentation. Holy Hell, the first official Noun release, incorporates keys, organs, and toned-down guitars and drums. The result is clearly different than Screaming Females: it’s mellower, more melodic, and whereas the Screaming Females’ songwriting process is a three-way discussion, Marissa writes all of the songs for Noun. Holy Hell features drum work by Angela Boylan (of Cheeky), Miranda Taylor (Hunchback, Black Wine, Full of Fancy), and Jarrett Dougherty (Screaming Females), plus bass lines by King Mike (Screaming Females).

Release Credits

Mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media

Artwork by Leslie Paternoster
Layout by Marissa Paternoster

Pressing Information