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Full Of Fancy Liquid Nature + The Singles
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Format CD/Digital

Catalog Number DG-36

Release Date June 2010

01 Basement
02 He's Mean
03 Trophy
04 Notebook
05 Weather
06 Liquid Nature
07 Blue Black
08 Dear Summer
09 A Lot Of People's Girlfriends Are In There
10 People Die
11 Dumb Is Forever

12 Hermit Love
13 Marriage
14 Breath Saver
15 Soule Cake
16 Letter To The Editor
17 Friends Forever Tour
18 Sleep
19 Gym Class
20 Notebook
21 Joe Is A Scientist
22 Whoa Theodore Whoa

This CD also includes all of their previously vinyl-only singles and splits remastered, 22 songs in all!

Release Credits

Recorded by Eric Bennet with Marissa Paternoster at the Hunt Studio
Mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media

Artwork by Amanda Gorsegner
Layout by Bryan Schulthorpe

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