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Plastic Cross Grayscale Rainbows
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Format LP/Digital

Catalog Number DG-57

Release Date June 2012

1. Paternus Chemical
2. Plastic Hearts
3. Grown Up Liars
4. Future Science
5. Pet Rocks
6. Wrong
7. No Longer Alive
8. Consumer Existence
9. Dead Can't Dance
10. Totalitarian Eclipse Of The Heart
11. Breaking Freedom
12. Raining Hope
13. Godless
14. Philosophy Student Action Figure
15. Boss Hog
16. First World Problems
17. When They Land...
18. Soma Life

Do you wear the plastic cross?

Release Credits

Recorded by Brian "Buckets" Buccellato at Chumbuckets
Mastered by Max at Clearcut

Artwork and layout by Craig Fu Yong

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