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Modern Hut Generic Treasure
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Format LP/Digital

Catalog Number DG-70

Release Date August 6, 2013

1. Mid Tempo
2. Just Pray
3. History
4. Life
5. Heart
6. Time
7. Louis St.
8. America
9. Gone
10. Wrong
11. Moving On

Modern Hut began when For Science dismantled – and the debut album Generic Treasure has been a work in progress ever since. Produced by Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster, who also plays on the record, Generic Treasure is eleven songs of extreme loner folk, six year in the making, meticulously detailed with eloquent lyrics.

Release Credits

Produced by Marissa Paternoster

Recorded at various places and various times by Bruce Hyde and Nick Bullock and Marissa Paternoster and Chris Pierce.

Artwork by Jared Jones

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