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Crow Bait Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate
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Format CD/LP/Digital

Catalog Number DG-75

Release Date May 20, 2014

1. The Ocean
2. 83
3. If I Could
4. Crow Bait
5. Ancient Eyes
6. Pretty Good Things
7. Searching For My Boots On The Highway
8. Cognate
9. Gran-Saloon
10. Deliverance Stalls
11. A Billion Lives

Crow Bait is a New York area band that you have seen play in other bands. Vets of the Long Island DIY scene, Chris (Sister Kisser, American Hellfire Club), Mike (Iron Chic, Jonesin', Wax Phantom), and Sal (Sister Kisser, Halfway to Hell Club) formed Crow Bait in 2011 with the intention of making music a little different from their past bands, while trying to create something that harkened back to the music they grew up on. After a few 7” releases, countless shows around Long Island and New York, and two trips out to California, Crow Bait set forth on recording their debut full-length. Taking time in the studio to experiment with sounds and vocal melodies, Crow Bait aimed to create a set of songs that was both nuanced and organic. The result is “Sliding Through The Halls of Fate,” a record that varies from moment to moment, churning up all of their sounds and influences into a cohesive statement.

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