DustheadsCollected Sounds

15 tracks collecting both out of print Tall Tales 7″s and the original version of the Little Pieces LP. An incredibly dark set of songs from people who would go on to be in bands like BYRDS OF PARADISE, NUDE BEACH, CREEM, and NOMOS.

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Release Date

July 01, 2007

1. Passive Aggressive
2. Jailbird (Sparrows)
3. Mules
4. The Bends
5. Bike
6. Culture
7. The Ides
8. Jailbird (Crows)
9. Save Our Souls
10. The Truth
11. Tunnel Vision
12. Altered States
13. Plagued
14. Dustheads
15. Lamprey

Release Credits
Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy & Joe Dellaquila at Exeter
Mastered by Joseph Steinhardt and Mike Yannich

Artwork and Layout by Jared Jones

Pressing Information
1000 CDs

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