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When Dustheads said they wanted to re-record their album for the vinyl version it sounded insane. But this was Dustheads and they were insane, so we did it. They recorded with Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy and the result was nothing less than perfect. Some have called it one of the best hardcore records of the 2000s. In typical Dustheads fashion, it came out after they broke up.

Catalog Number


Release Date

July 03, 2008

1. Passive Aggressive
2. Jailbird (Sparrows)
3. Mules
4. The Bends
5. Bike
6. Culture
7. The Ides
8. Jailbird (Crows)

Release Credits
Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Artwork by Jesse Bransford

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