Painted ZerosFloriography

Painted Zeros is the songwriting and recording project of Katie Lau. Floriography is her debut full-length, and is an album of love, loss, and the daily struggle of hopefulness versus alienation. Lush strings color the spaces between melodic guitar lines and front woman Katie Lau’s dreamy vocal delivery. Lau once again takes on recording and performing duties, offering the listener an intimate look inside a world that echoes the heyday of shoegaze and the immediacy of tonight’s show.

01. (X) Flatline

02. (O) Only You

03. Call Back

04. Palm Tree

05. Pretty Rig

06. JMZ

07. Leave Me Be (Not Me)

08. Spring

09. Ex Best

10. Flowers From Swann (Swann Song)

11. Closure