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Rubber Molding High Octane
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Format CDep/Digital

Catalog Number HR-02

Release Date August 23, 2008

01 High Octane
02 Binary Code
03 I Hate Taxes
04 Esophagactus Boy
05 Slaughterhouse Woman
06 Shakespeare
07 British People
08 Landscape Architect
09 Eleanor Roosevelt
10 Lemonade Stand

Rubber Molding would like to thank and acknowledge the spirit of music peoples for guiding us through this journey. They truly were our prison break, removing the electromagnetic prison force-field of our minds. Let us be very clear, reverse speaking is real as a means to communicate with the spirit realm. They have told us believers of the sad reality, transcended above so many hopeless drones; every aspect of our political, cultural, socioeconomic, and even spiritual lives is controlled by the reptilian race of the Omega System 3. World leaders are and have always been bio-syndicates manufactured in advanced reptilian labs!


Guitar and Vocals by Ryan Mueller
Bass and Vocals by Matt Strickland
Drums by Adam Finchler

Release Credits

Written by Rubber Molding
Engineered by Mike Hunchback, Hunchback Craig
Mastered by Darren Golda

Cover Art by David B. Greenberg

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