Peter StampfelThe Cambrian Explosion

Fresh off of his LP with the Fiddle & Mandolin Swarm, Peter Stampfel returns to Don Giovanni Records backed by a brand new group: The Atomic Meta-Pagans. As far as we can gather, the path toward their formation was circuitous, involving social media messaging, the unlocking of inner voices, and something about an all expenses paid trip to Russia (to play a music festival). However it all came together, know that Stampfel is joined here by Hubby Jenkins (Carolina Chocolate Drops) and composer/improviser Shelley Hirsch, among others. Their debut, The Cambrian Explosion, was recorded in two improv-heavy sessions. Most are first takes. And there’s more to come. “Our target is two AM-P albums a year, which will be titled after ongoing geological erasCambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, etc.,” writes Stampfel. “My cup hath the runs. I am blessed indeed.”

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Release Date

September 22, 2017

01. This Is My Country
02. Blue Moon
03. Mississippi Boll Weevil Blues
04. Manhattan Merry Go Round
05. Derry Tune
06. Europa (Improv.)
07. Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase
08. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
09. Our Boys Will Shine
10. Belvedere Street
11. Ganymede (Improv.)
12. Mostly Rump