ShellshagRumors In Disguise

Epic followup to Destroy Me I’m Yours. The band explains: “Most of the songs on the record are about hope and despair, love and survival, death and fear.” From the grin-laced stubborn pride in the vocals on “Resillient Bastard” to Jen Shag’s tom- heavy heartbeat rhythms on crunchy duet “Means That Much”, every inch put to tape is as real as it gets. Finding honesty and purity of creative expression in the vastness of what our musical landscape has evolved into is a more difficult task than ever before, and it takes a band like Shellshag and a record like Rumors in Disguise to answer that search. Now, listen.

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Release Date

February 06, 2010

1. 1984
2. Resilient Bastard
3. Means That Much To Me
4. Crashing Rockets
5. Flowers for Julie
6. Dirty Looks
7. There for You
8. He Said She Said
9. Save Yourself
10. Get Right
11. Muster Up
12. Rumor
13. Wake Up
14. Rock and Roll Ruined My Life
15. Carry On

Release Credits
Recorded by Eric Bennet with Marissa Paternoster at Hunt Studio, & by Eric Haas and Elton Ridge at Rodent Records Recording Studio
Mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media

Artwork and Layout by Shellshag

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