ShellshagShellshag Forever

Shellshag Forever is a microcosmic glimpse into the life of Shell and Shag. This record also showcases their individual songwriting, with some of the strongest tracks being the Shell-sung “Come Down” and Shag-sung “I Love You Anyway”. The most resonant moments are always when they sing together though. Mid-way through, the duo sings in harmony on “Forever”, over the hum of Shell’s fuzzy riff and Shag’s steady minimal drum, summing up this record and the general essence of Shellshag: “I just can’t picture me and you in any other life, this is what we are meant to do forever.”

“This album is very Shellshag,” says the band. “The themes, as usual, are unique to our personal experience in the world we have created for ourselves, from our homemade gear, to us pleasing ourselves and playing for each other. We have developed a consistent sound now and have really let the vocals fly on this record. This record falls in right in line with were we left of with Rumors from the artwork to the content.”

“We can’t picture any other life,” they continue. “We get what we choose and we choose Shellshag and we both know it. We are sure. We are Shellshag forever.”

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April 20, 2013

1. Face To Face
2. Sweet Hoodie
3. Come Down
4. Forever
5. Driving Song
6. Wasted Imagination
7. Medley
8. I Love You Anyway
9. Destroy Me I'm Yours
10. Dots In Rhyme

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