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The Degenerics were a DIY hardcore punk band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, active from 1996 to 2008. The band quickly gained a loyal following along the eastern seaboard and beyond by playing intensely energetic live shows that encouraged audience members to adopt a Positive Mental Attitude. The band’s music is rooted in hardcore punk with heavy metal, reggae, and rock and roll influences overlaid by raw and emotive vocals expressing vehement opposition to authority and societal rules. The band released two EP’s in the late 90’s that were followed by their definitive statement, the Generica LP, in 2000. The Degenerics were a major, influential force in the regional punk scene from New York City’s renowned venue ABC NO RIO to the Jersey Shore. Their distinctive musical style inspired diverse bands such as Tear It Up, Down In Flames, The Measure (SA), and Thursday. The Degenerics shared the stage with contemporary acts such as Anti Flag, Avail, Murphy’s Law, Aus Rotten, Raw Power, Agnostic Front, and Violent Society, among others.

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve, this reissue also includes a two-song 7″ EP featuring a previously unreleased track and a download card. New and long-time fans will drool over this gorgeous reissue from “one of New Jersey’s most underrated punk bands.”

Special online only bundle includes Kamikaze - The Spirit Of Battle discography LP.

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November 03, 2017

01. Send In The Clones
02. For Your Convenience
03. Generation
04. Bury My Heart
05. Downpressors
06. The Wolff
07. Boycott The Bastards
08. Bastard Dub
09. Whatll You Do
10. Empty Words
11. Bread Of Sorrow
12. How Do You Spell Belief
13. Eye In The Sky
14. Rising Sun Experience

Pressing Information
Edition of 300 numbered copies. 180 gram vinyl with bonus 7" featuring unreleased songs.

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