The Groucho MarxistsManifesto!

Debut album from Groucho Marxists, this record was three years in the making, and it shows: it’s super-tight, no-filler; twelve tracks of high-energy, melodic punk that is clearly coming from a guy who knows how to write a perfect power pop song. For fans of the Descendents, the Ergs!, Doc Hopper, and The Measure [SA].

Catalog Number


Release Date

February 07, 2009

1. Season Opener
2. The Other End
3. Yeah Yeah Yeah
4. I Just Wanna Hold You
5. New Favorite Enemy
6. Come Monday
7. Hey Janeane
8. She Don't Go Down
9. Fun & Games
10. The President Is Out To Get Her
11. Classic Example Of Lousy Timing
12. Was That So Hard?

Release Credits
Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Artwork and Layout by Lauren Measure at Black And Red Eye