WaxahatcheeAmerican Weekend

Katie Crutchfield, under the name Waxahatchee, made an album during a snowstorm last winter [2012]. She dedicated it “to anyone who had woke up and realized their identity is blurry, has had to clumsily get to know themselves, has hit a bottom, has felt self-deprecating and vagrant, and to anyone who has ridden out a shitstorm.”

She called it American Weekend. She means “American Weekend” in the same wide way that Kurt Cobain means “Teen Spirit,” less social construct than natural phenomenon. This is a lo-fi masterpiece in the league of Lou Barlow and the Softies. We should consider it a descendent of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, or else temper it no lower than Essential Listening.
-Nine Bullets

01 Catfish
02 Grass Stain
03 Rose, 1956
04 American Weekend
05 Michel
06 Be Good
07 Luminary Blake
08 Magic City Wholesale
09 Bathtub
10 I Think I Love You
11 Noccalula

Release Credits
Recorded and mixed by Katie Crutchfield
Mastered by Kyle Gilbride

Artwork by Aimee Lusty

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