WorriersCruel Optimist

Worriers was formed in 2008 with Lauren Denitzio of the Measure [sa], Mike Catalano of Hunchback and Justin Sullivan of Ringers/Babies. Lauren describes the songs on this record as “inspired by or reference artists and writers that have had a big impact on the way [she] thinks about the world, especially in terms of gender, and assumptions about sexuality and the way we structure our lives.”


Catalog Number


Release Date

October 28, 2013

1. Cruel Optimist
2. Precarity Rules
3. Passion
4. Best Case Scenario
5. Never Were
6.. The Only Claude That Matters
7. Killjoy
8. Why We Try

Release Credits
Lauren Denitzio - guitar and vocals
Rachel Rubino - guitar
Tim Burke! - bass
Mikey Yannich - drums

backing vocals by Cynthia Schemmer

Recorded at Permanent Hearing Damage in May 2013
Mastered by Carl Saff

all songs written by Lauren Denitzio

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