Career Suicide by Chris Gethard
Youth Detention (Nail My Feet Down To The Southside Of Town) by Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires
Crime Waves by Moor x Jewelry
Silver Haze by Aye Nako
Kissing Is A Crime by Kissing Is A Crime
Matronly by Fake Limbs
Patient Ones by Erica Freas
Fetish Bones by Moor Mother
Stake My Claim by Big Eyes
Nope by Izzy True
Tentative Decisions by Mikey Erg
Alice Bag by Alice Bag
Fire by Amy Klein
Tarantula by Giant Peach
You're Through by The Hamiltons
Nite Flite by Mitylion
Throw Your Body On The Gears And Stop The Machine With Your Blood by Noun
Floriography by Painted Zeros
It's The Ones Who've Cracked That The Light Shines Through by Jeffrey Lewis
Why'd I Have To Get So High? by Shellshag
Imaginary Life by Worriers
Non-Person by Vacation
Predatory Headlights by Tenement
A Shedding Snake by Outer Spaces
Collective Sigh by Pinkwash
Revenge Pop by Alice
Full Communism by Downtown Boys
Spy Rock Road (And Other Stories) by The Lookouts
Je Ne Sais Claust by Nuclear Santa Claust
Nights In The Dark by California X
77 by Nude Beach
Yell Boss by Black Wine
Bodies and Control and Money and Power by Priests
Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate by Crow Bait
Live At The Hideout by Screaming Females
She's Gone by Upset
Negative Feedback by Kicking Spit
Generic Treasure by Modern Hut
Shellshag Forever by Shellshag
Cerulean Salt by Waxahatchee
Set On Destroy by Stormshadow
Order Of The New Age by Nuclear Santa Claust
My Hateable Face by Brick Mower
Ugly by Screaming Females
Teenage Graceland by brick mower
American Weekend by Waxahatchee
Nuclear Santa Claust by Nuclear Santa Claust
Hard Life by Big Eyes
Summer Of Indifference by Black Wine
Sit Resist by Laura Stevenson
Teenage Symphonies by Byrds Of Paradise
Dark Energy by Black Wine
Castle Talk by Screaming Females
Holy Hell by Noun
Omega Man by Byrds Of Paradise
Baby Teeth by Screaming Females
What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.? by Screaming Females
Power Move by Screaming Females
Don't Mess Up by The Hamiltons
Revenge For Hire by For Science