Tour Dates

Laura Stevenson

Date City Venue Details
06/04/2015 Lansing, MI Mac\'s Bar
06/05/2015 Chicago, IL The Abbey
06/06/2015 Chicago, IL Remix Chicago w/ The Felice Brothers
06/07/2015 Cleveland, OH The Grog Shop w/ The Felice Brothers
06/26/2015 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom w/ Lifetime, The Menzingers, and Worriers
07/09/2015 Kingston, NY BSP w/ Murder By Death


Date City Venue Details
06/17/2015 Cincinnati, OH Frankl Church w/ Toys That Kill, Benny the Jet Rodriguez an
06/18/2015 Cleveland, OH Now That\'s Class w/ Toys That Kill and Benny the Jet Rodriguez
06/19/2015 London, Ontario Call the Office w/ Pretty Pretty and Obliterations
06/20/2015 Ottawa, Ontario OTTAWA EXPLOSION
06/21/2015 Montreal, Quebec Brasserie Beaubien w/ Pretty Pretty and Sonic Avenues
06/22/2015 Salem, MA KOTO w/ Pretty Pretty, Notches, Little My and Grav
06/23/2015 Boston, MA tba w/ Pretty Pretty and Fleabite (record release
06/24/2015 Brooklyn, NY Shea Stadium w/ Pretty Pretty, Big Eyes and Fly Kills. AL
06/25/2015 Philadelphia, PA tba w/ Pretty Pretty, Todd Killings and Dark Thou
06/26/2015 Washington, DC tba tba
06/28/2015 Chattanooga, TN Sluggo\'s North DO YA HEAR WE Fest
06/29/2015 Columbus, OH Ace of Cups w/ Toys That Kill and The Underground Railroa
07/27/2015 Cleaveland, OH Now That\'s Class w/ Screaming Females
07/28/2015 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle w/ Screaming Females
07/30/2015 Milwaukee, WI Borg Ward w/ Screaming Females
07/31/2015 Madison, WI The Frequency w/ Screaming Females
08/01/2015 Minneapolis, MN the Triple Rock Social Club w/ Screaming Females
08/02/2015 Iowa City, IA The Mill w/ Screaming Females
08/03/2015 Omaha, NE The Sweatshop Gallery w/ Screaming Females
08/04/2015 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge w/ Screaming Females
08/05/2015 Boise, ID Neurolux w/ Screaming Females
08/06/2015 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios w/ Screaming Females
08/08/2015 Vancouver, BC Media Club w/ Screaming Females
08/09/2015 Seattle, WA Chop Suey w/ Screaming Females
08/11/2015 San Francisco, CA Rickshaw Stop w/ Screaming Females
08/16/2015 Los Angeles, CA tba BERSERKTOWN FEST
08/17/2015 San Diego, CA Soda Bar w/ Screaming Females
08/18/2015 Phoenix, AZ Valley Bar w/ Screaming Females
08/21/2015 Austin, TX Red 7 w/ Screaming Females
08/22/2015 Dallas, TX The Foundary w/ Screaming Females
08/23/2015 Houston, TX Fitzgerald\'s Downstairs w/ Screaming Females
08/24/2015 New Orleans, LA Siberia w/ Screaming Females
08/25/2015 Nashville, TN Stone Fox w/ Screaming Females
08/26/2015 Atlanta, GA Aisle 5 w/ Screaming Females
08/27/2015 Durham, NC Pinhook w/ Screaming Females
08/28/2015 Washington, DC Rock and Roll Hotel w/ Screaming Females
08/29/2015 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer w/ Screaming Females


Date City Venue Details
05/28/2015 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn w/ Caves and Sundials
05/30/2015 Cincinnati, OH Tacocracy w/ Caves, Pretty Pretty
05/31/2015 Bloomington, IN Kroger Castle w/ Caves
06/01/2015 Chicago, IL Live Wire w/ Caves
06/02/2015 Grand Rapids, MI The New Church w/ Caves
06/03/2015 Milwaukee, WI The Cocoon Room w/ Caves
06/04/2015 Minneapolis, MN Hexagon Bar w/ Caves
06/05/2015 Minot, ND Pangea House w/ Caves
06/06/2015 Bozeman, MT Zebra Cocktail Lounge w/ Caves
06/07/2015 Missoula, MT Ole Beck VFW w/ Caves
06/09/2015 Seattle, WA Narwhal w/ Caves, Dead Bars and Cumulus
06/10/2015 Portland, OR Twilight Cafe w/ Caves
06/11/2015 San Francisco, CA The Hemlock w/ Caves
06/12/2015 Pomona, CA VLHS w/ Caves
06/13/2015 San Diego, CA Tower Bar Santa Anna Knights
06/14/2015 Los Angeles, CA The Smell w/ Caves
06/15/2015 Phoenix, AZ Trunk Space w/ Caves
06/16/2015 Las Cruces, NM Haphazard Hall w/ Caves
06/18/2015 Austin, TX Mohawk (inside) w/ Caves
06/19/2015 Houston, TX Wonky Power w/ Caves
06/20/2015 New Orleans, LA Sisters in Christ Gasa Gasa w/ Caves
06/21/2015 Pensacola, FL Sluggo\'s w/ Caves
06/22/2015 Gainesville, FL The Atlantic w/ Caves
06/23/2015 Athens, GA Caledonia w/ Caves
06/24/2015 Durham, NC The Pinhook w/ Caves
06/25/2015 Richmond, VA Gallery 5 w/ Caves and Sundials
06/26/2015 Sayreville, NJ Starland Balroom iDobi festival w/ Lifetime, The Menzingers, L
06/27/2015 TBA TBA
06/28/2015 Philadelphia, PA Boot & Saddle w/ Caves and Cayetana
06/29/2015 New Brunswick, NJ The West w/ Caves