Kicking Spit

Kicking Spit "Negative Feedback" 12"

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Negative Feedback, Kicking Spit’s second full-length LP, is a guitar-oriented 80s-indebted punk rock record that captures the live energy of a basement show. Sounds best blaring through shitty speakers with a case of beer in your favorite punk house. Recorded by singer/guitarist Mark Bronzino, who currently plays in Iron Reagan and Mammoth Grinder and who also recorded the first Big Eyes and Noun albums, this is essential New Brunswick listening.

1. Intro
2. Long Way Down
3. Gone
4. Reality Dropout 0
5. Pictures
6. Negative Feedback
7. Cruel Horrible World
8. All We Get
9. Cassandra
10. Trying To Find A Way
11. Stoner Girlfriend

Recorded by Mark Bronzino

Artwork by Marissa Paternoster

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