It depends what you mean. If you have a song or an album you think that I should hear then I would love to hear it. At the same time, we have never worked with a band based on getting a demo via email or in the mail (and both are the same to me, as I listen to everything genuine I get in either place). So if you are looking for someone to listen to your work, please send it over. But if all you want is a yes or no answer as to whether or not we will release it, the answer is going to be “no,” even if we love it, if our only exposure to your band is through a demo in the mail. Please also when sending demos DO NOT attach MP3 files or any other kind of files without emailing and asking first if I want mp3s. I will be just as likely to listen to something on bandcamp/anywhere else and the mp3 files take up too much space in my email.

That’s not even a question. I will still try my hardest to listen to it though.


No. There a plenty of other labels that will talk to people like you but please stop bothering me.

Good question. 90% of the time it is bands that play with our other bands and are an active part of a music scene. The other 10% of the time it is bands Zach and I are in.

Email info@dongiovannirecords.com

Email mailorder@dongiovannirecords.com

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste we produce as a label. While some retail locations require shrink wrap for one reason or another we are trying to limit the amount of direct sales from either us or artists on tour that come shrink-wrapped.

This is a complicated question. If you write me to ask, the answer
will be yes, but before you write me to ask I want you to consider the
amount of non-renewable resources involved in replacing that jacket,
which itself is just meant to protect the sleeve protecting the record.
It seems hard to argue that other industries need to completely change
their standards to conform with better environmental sustainability
practices, and then not be willing to concede any changes in our own
corner of the world. This is not me telling you to get lost and deal
with it either, rather I would prefer a solution where I send you some
money back in return to make up for the damage instead of sending you an
entirely new record/part/etc.

Okay first off, altogether is one word not two. Second, it is
actually digital music and especially streaming that is incredibly
poisonous to the planet relative to physical music. A vinyl LP is
infinitely recyclable; I am listening to vinyl and CDs at my house right
now that have been through many hands and were originally manufactured in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. They were never thrown away and only needed to be made one time. A stream creates waste with each listen, it is essentially a Styrofoam cup or a plastic fork as far as creating waste with each one-time use. MP3s are not much better considering the new phone or listening device you need to buy to play them every few years, the headphones, the batteries, etc. Think of how many different devices you had to purchase and repurchase over the years to play your “waste free” mp3 files and then think of the record player or cd player, possibly even second hand, that you have had for most of your life. The research supports these ideas as well saying we are using more than twice as much energy listening to streaming music as we were physical music in various formats their peak in popularity.

No, in fact, I will be far less likely to read it because the mindset
I am in when looking at my personal email is not one where I am
listening to new music or helping people with orders and download code problems. I would never ignore something intentionally, but you need to understand that you will get a much faster reply if you email
dongiovannirecords@gmail.com, it gets checked many many times a day.

No. That would be ridiculous.

I don’t know.

If the scientists are to be believed, at some point the sun will blow up.


The band might be totally interested but I am the wrong person to email, I am not an agent or a manager.

Duly noted.

Yeah, probably. I guess it depends what the favor is.

Yes, of course. Seriously.

Definitely not.

Please do not express your appreciation for any of our artists by taking them home and chopping them up.

Please do not express your appreciation for any of our artists by wearing their flesh.

Because they are generally just an excuse for bands to release music as a product rather than as some kind of well thought out release.



I reply to all emails as soon as I can. Sometimes stuff does get lost in the shuffle but the quickest way to get it back to the top of the pile is just to follow up to the original email.

Please stop sending me emails like this.

Ugh, fine.