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Modern Hut "Generic Treasure" 12"

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Generic Treasure is meticulously detailed, eleven tracks of acoustic guitar marked by Joe’s distinct monotone drawl and lyrics, unraveling boredom and inner-confusions, delivered in sing-song melodies and rhymes that maintain a sense of humor about it all. “History” is a smart but disillusioned criticism of modern life: “People were writing their own history / nothing was left to mystery / everything was planned / it all felt like a scam.” “Life” is balanced by alternating verses with Marissa Paternoster on vocals. “I’m not proud of the things I’ve done in my life / But that’s alright, ‘cause I will die.” The sentiment can seem either depressing as hell or rather inspired. Marissa produced this record and it includes a re-imagined version of “Just Pray” from For Science’s Way Outta Control.

1. Mid-Tempo
2. Just Pray
3. History
4. Life
5. Heart
6. Time
7. Louis St.
8. America
9. Gone
10. Wrong
11. Moving On

Recorded by Nicholas Bullock and Marissa Paternoster

Artwork by Jared Jones

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