Peter Stampfel and the Atomic Meta Pagans

Peter Stampfel and the Atomic Meta Pagans "The Ordovician Era" CD

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Welcome to The Ordovician Era, in which the Peter Stampfel and Atomic Meta-Pagans become even more like themselves. Featuring the vocal stylings of the Stampfelettes, magical overdubs by Mark Bingham, higher quality improvs by award winning experimental vocalist Shelley Hirsch (Singing, The Big Gundown), Peter Stampfel (Holy Modal Rounders, Fugs), and more! Ongoing jolliness beckons! We asked Mark Bingham to do the sequencing and he started with an improv, “so improvs won’t be like dirty stepchildren.” Featuring beautiful full color artwork by Tony Millionaire!

Feeding the Cats
Casey Jones
Mr. Love
Old Black Magic
No Shellac
Diarrhea of a Madman
Queen Marie of Romania
Nothing Will Stop Me
Here We Come
Red, Blue, and Hot
It Might as Well Be Spring
New Football Blues
Frolic You, You Frolicking Frolic
Into the Wild Blue Yonder

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