RVIVR "The Beauty Between" CD

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One of the most scrutinized and adored bands in DIY punk. I recently saw them play their fiftieth show on a fifty-five date tour. If that’s not putting in the time, what’s the point of trying at all? And how was their set? They destroyed! You can’t deny it. There s a mighty force within this band. And your criticisms are so obviously rooted in your own jealousy that it s making you look like a chump. Jealous of their conviction, talent, and success; I know I’ve been guilty of all three. They spent a couple years confronting typical show situations that they weren’t comfortable with, and for those of us who stuck around, the music rages on. Catchy and melodic, but not without a ragged weirdness to it. My favorite new addition to the RVIVR catalog is definitely the hardcore-esque Bleed Out on the B side. But, overall, this is a truly exciting record that shows a band that has put a lot of work into not only finding, but creating, their place. And if you can’t hang, it’s probably for the best.

-Daryl Gussin, Razorcake

1. The Seam
2. LMD
3. Spider Song
4. Old Dogs
5. Wrong Way/One Way
6. Big Lie
7. Paper Thin
8. Rainspell
9. Ocean Song
10. The Hunger Suite I. Go Away
11. The Hunger Suite II. Bleed Out
12. The Hunger Suite III. Hunger
13. Elephant Song
14. Party Queen

Recorded by the Joester (Left Field Studios) at PUNKALL in Olympia, WA USA from July to December 2012.
Mixed by the Joester and Mattie Canino also at PUNKALL.
Mastered by Carl Saff.

Played by:
Kevin Rainsberry (drums, sizzle)
Mattie Canino (guitars, voice)
Erica Freas (guitar, voice)
Joey Seward (bass, organ)
Jordan (baritone saxophone, tenor saxo)
Jeff Doyle (snare drum)
Dogjaw (voices)
Bex Berryhill (voice)

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