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Big Huge

Born on the heels of a house party so hopped the floor began to cave in, BIG HUGE found its footing in the unpredictable underground of NYC DIY R'N'R. Four years later, the outliers haven't stopped for stable ground - continuing to strut the line between blistering punk, queer power pop, and groove-riddled rock. From the basement to the mainstage, across the USA, they've earned a loyal reputation to let the BIG times roll. But amidst the whirlwind of bodies in motion - thin air is thick. With the switch and swagger of defiance, our political present rouses an urgent call for social accountability and self-truth in a system of reality built on their denial. The pain is real, but so too is a kind of cosmic joy that jolts through all those who rebuke the lie. At their best, BIG HUGE works double-time: anxious and ecstatic, airtight but flailing wild, self-aware yet still set free.