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Bruce Hamana

Bruce Hamana, son of Original Hopi tribe living in Oraibi (area of Arizona state), grew up there, went to school at Phoenix Indian High School where he participated in various bands like "The Electric Indians”, "Velvet Egg", "No N'd", and finally "The Mocassin Grapevine".

After finishing High School, Bruce went off to college in Ohio where he had a scholarship for pre-law, was one of only two Indian boys in the college. Although that he tried to stick it out, he failed, so after two years went back to Oraibi.

Later he went to California where he played drums in a band for a year, soon after came in urge to record an album, which released without commercial success, but as a bright, shinny, colorful work, with great voices and arrangements, Bruce played most of the instruments, wrote all the songs and produced the album.