byrds of paradise

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Byrds Of Paradise

At once filthy, dreamy, druggily intoxicating and soberingly intense, Brooklyn-based Byrds of Paradise churn out slop pop tunes wearing garage/psych/punk clothing that are as sweetly sticky as they are layered, noisy and driven. The band, started by D.C. expatriate Kenny Brown in late 2009, is clearly informed by classic D.C. punk sonics, although not defined by them. That winter, Brown left D.C. to return to his New Jersey home and dedicate several weeks to recording a long- planned demo with his dear old friend and now singer Jared J Jones, ex-Dustheads). Brown then relocated to Brooklyn, where a full band came together with Alan Yuch (ex- Mongoloids) on drums and Brenden Britz (Subway Sadists, Whiteworks) playing bass.