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Long time friends Atom Goren and Brian Sokel took parallel paths through the Philadelphia punk scene of the late 90s and early 2000s. While Sokel brought riffs to the dub and hardcore blending Franklin and provided guitars to AM/FM, Goren was playing in punk bands Fracture and Armalite, and most notably exploring the use of sequencers in his eccentric solo project Atom and His Package. Though the two had been close since childhood and shared space in the scene, their collaborative work was limited to a few minor instrumental appearances on each other’s projects.

Dead Best’s second album, aptly titled Second takes the raw expressions of two punk veterans and refines them into ten ripping tracks. Exhuming deep anxieties through pummeling guitars and frantic, distorted vocals, the LP is a brief but clear profile of Goren and Sokol’s combined creative voice.

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