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Out of a cornfield eden at the northern tip
of Lake Winnebago comes Wisconsin’s Dusk, a unique country rock ’n’ roll group
that blends their rural roots and love for 60s and 70s soul. Formed in 2014,
the band has been a favorite of midwest and east coast stages, sharing bills
and tours with the likes of Sheer Mag, Screaming Females, and Reigning Sound.

The outfit is six strong, each a song-er,
sing-er, and multi-instrumentalist in their own right. Julia Blair’s tender
howl floats atop the flurry of voices, fingers mincing the keys of her
Wurlitzer piano. Ryley Crowe works the pedal steel guitar, gracefully gliding
across the bandscape like a horse on ice. Tyler Ditter grips his electric
guitar as a knight his sword, falling any vine or villain in his path. Bill
Grasley is second-to-none guitar, an intelligent player who can kick back or
blast off, his drape of hair prepared for either. Behind the kit is Amos
Pitsch, whose hands draw melody from each drum like tufts pulled from carnival
cotton candy. Ridley Tankersley is there too with a bass guitar, scrounging up
the loose change from the green room couch.

Their newest LP “Glass Pastures,” the
group’s first since 2017’s full-length debut “Dusk”, is not only a museum of
earworms, but a crusade in the name of love and truth. Produced between
2020-2022 in the various rooms of the band’s recording studio, Crutch of
Memory, a mid-century castle in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin, the album
showcases a range of writing and vocal talents. Therein is Dusk’s force– its
spirit– the breadth of voice unified and concentrated like a beam of light on a
ruby velvet curtain.

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