Fake Limbs

Fake Limbs are a four piece rock band from the west side of Chicago, Illinois. Since 2011 the band has been bro-trolling various parts of North America with their brand of "social justice street rock." Muscular riffs, a dense and reliable rhythm section, actual guitar solos, and a damaged holler into the void of present day monstrosities, in a vain and feeble attempt to right the wrongs that society has levied against the world. For their third album, Matronly, Fake Limbs returned to Electrical Audio with the crew that set the table their previous album, The Power Of Patrician Upbringing. What you have here is a gradual progression from the bands previous work--trip wires of bombastic rhythms, blown out echoey shouts of love and the occasional misgivings, and blinding, but precise guitar destruction. It's time to get up, it's time to love again, it's time for Fake Limbs.

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