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Kissing Is A Crime

Kissing Is A Crime evolved as the primary outlet for prolific Brooklyn songwriter and producer Matthew Molnar. After squandering his youth on crossing bridges and tunnels from New Jersey to NYC to absorb the energy of punk shows, Molnar relocated to Brooklyn in the mid 2000's where he became ingrained in the fertile DIY scene and co-founded bands like Soft Black, Friends, and Pagan Rituals. Over the course of many years playing in almost as many bands, Molnar accumulated notebook scraps and 4 track cassette recordings to use as soon as he could form his dream band.

After departing from Friends, Molnar finally set out to gather the ideal band members who shared a mutual involvement in the DIY Brooklyn music community. He first recruited Brooklyn born and classically trained guitarist Liz Hogg after watching her perform at Shea Stadium with her own ensemble, Beach Arabs. During this time, Molnar found a kindred musical spirit in bassist and downtown Manhattan native Beatrice Rothbaum while hanging out at the much beloved (and now closed down) venue 285 Kent. After experimenting with several different drummers, Molnar found San Francisco native Alex Feldman, whose raw power and ceaseless passion for drumming congeals Molnar's ultimate musical vision.