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La Neve

La Neve is dense electronic pop music with an explicit message. La Neve is also sometimes known as Joey La Neve DeFrancesco, the guitarist and main music composer in rock group Downtown Boys, and producer in dance duo Malportado Kids. With La Neve, DeFrancesco acts as producer and primary vocalist for the first time. La Neve takes some of the same political messaging as Downtown Boys - decrying decaying working standards, condemning artists who uphold the status-quo, and proclaiming an urgent need for action - but puts it through a deadpan dance filter. Some songs are club-ready, some campy, some dreamy, and all aimed at destroying the right wing power structure that has always run the USA and has come to pose a more intense threat then ever in 2017. La Neve incorporates some of the aesthetics of “drag,” but wouldn’t necessarily use that term, since their appearance is more an expression of gender identity than solely an “act.”