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Plastic Cross

Plastic Cross is made up of veteran “hub city” punks out of New Brunswick, NJ. This hardcore punk record carves out elements of several punk sub-genres, giving it a unique and original sound. The sleeve artwork on the front cover paints a picture of a strange character trying to escape a dystopian nightmare. This is all captured in a self proclaimed new genre in punk rock the band calls “social-science-fiction”. Although, it’s not all sci-fi concepts on here; this record also touches on some very personal human elements as well as “real world” social commentary and observation. The combination of narrative driven with personal lyrics makes this a well rounded record that adds a contrast of serious desperation followed up by a tongue in cheek sense of humor. Plastic Cross is ex-members of Kamikaze, Fanshen, The Degenerics, The Scarlet Letter, The Measure [SA], Down in Flames, and Nodzzz. If you took all of these old bands and threw them in a blender, you would get what this record sounds like. Fast, sometimes poppy and there are even a few harmonies that can be heard here and there but it’s not enough to make this album anything less than fierce.