Project 27

Project 27 is a pop-punk band from Long Beach, New York. Shortly after they formed in June 2001, Project 27 recorded their first real demo entitled, "My Right Here Hurts," consisting of six songs, in October 2001. The band then went on to record 12 songs at Vudu Studios in Freeport, NY in August 2002. In July 2003, Project 27 recorded 11 tracks at Blue Line Recording Studios in Lido Beach, NY. All the while, the band had been playing shows in the NY/NJ area, and making friends along the way who would help them to play shows and to record demos. The band worked hard to create the best songs they could, not being satisfied with the standard pop-punk band they considered themselves to be at that point in their musical ventures. The previous two full-length recordings were deemed as demo recordings since they were never officially pressed and released. A Project 27 s/t CD/EP was compiled from their first recording session including six songs. Bassist Guy Luerssen left the band in the summer of 2004 and Johnny Stamos of the popular John Stamos Project took over on bass. Later, in December 2004, they went to Five Towns College Studios to record three brand new tracks with their new producer/engineer Chris Fasulo. The three songs from that session appear on their "Time to Fold" 7", on Don Giovanni Records.