tim kerr

Tim Kerr

"Self-expression should have no restrictions or boundaries. I refuse to be limited by a prescribed label or definition. Self-Expressionist is the self-proclaimed flag I will wave. Art, music, surfing, skating, photography, movement, breathing,& living are ALL self expression for me.

This truth became clear with the late 1970s and the early stages of the DIY /punk/hardcore/self expression movement. The idea that anyone could and should participate in self-expression burst every door and window inside of me wide open.

I have been a key member in bands that have made recordings for such labels as Touch & Go, Estrus, Sympathy For The Record Industry, In The Red, Sub Pop, and Kill Rock Stars. I also produced bands for all the labels above and more, both in the US and overseas.

Journalists and critics have cited these bands as major factors in starting everything from funk-punk, skaterock, grunge, and garage. They say all of them have played an important role in what is known, for better or worse, as the US indie scene today.

The Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers, and Monkeywrench are just some of the bands I was a founding member of. I was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame in 1996 and later inducted again as a member of the Big Boys.

Besides the bands, I have composed and recorded music for several choreographers working in Austin. These pieces have been performed in Austin, New York, and California.

I also created soundtracks for the documentaries "Who is Bozo Texino?" by Bill Daniel, and "Drive-in Blues" Jan Krawitz.

I was honored to work with British artist Matt Stokes on his pieces The Gainsborough Packet (The Baltic & 176 Gallery), These Are The Days (AMOA), and Catata Profana.

Like music, art has always been something that I did and do. They are intertwined in my DNA. I have shown art and painted murals here in the states and abroad. In the summer of 2015, I was honored and humbled to be asked to do a solo show at the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery. That show traveled to 2 other museums.

I have had residencies with Void Gallery in Derry, Northern Ireland, with AS220 in Providence RI, and with I.A.M. in Berlin. I was part of the reimagining of the Black Mountain School that became School Of The Alternative. I have also produced art for books, album covers, skateboards, clothing, and advertisements.

I sign my work with "Your name here" It's a call to arms for the viewer to participate in their own individual forms of self-expression.

After ALL that I have gotten to be a part of so far, I keep moving forward hoping I haven't seen the best thing yet. Like the air I breathe, it keeps me alive."

-Tim Kerr