Weed Hounds

In 2014, Brooklyn’s Weed Hounds released their excellent self-titled debut LP. It was a record of woozy and atmospheric guitar pop in the spirit of My Bloody Valentine and Slumberland Records -- reverb soaked, hook-laden, and perfectly confused. Subsequently, the band slipped away for a while.

While they did not break up, day jobs and personal commitments temporarily took precedence over music. And, really, they just weren’t in any kind of hurry. “We’ve just kind of always been a very...we take a very long time to do anything,” explains singer and guitarist Laura Catalano. “We’re just a slow-going band.” Eventually, they did get there, though.

This fall Don Giovanni Records will release Double Life, a new 5-song EP on cassette and digital download.

The members of Weed Hounds grew up amid punk and hardcore scene that dominated their home turf in Long Island, NY. “Eventually, our tastes changed,” explains guitarist Nick Rice. “We wanted to start something different.” They wound up gravitating towards shoegaze and dreampop music. “Loveless just sounded like nothing I had ever heard before,” says Rice. “It was like, ‘what the fuck is this?’” The distance between DIY punk and Weed Hounds’ music is shorter than you might think, though. It retains the urgency, but places a premium on texture. They’re still loud, but here the volume suggests sensuality rather than aggression.

While the band’s 2014 full-length was recorded in a professional studio,for Double Life they opted to track in a friend’s basement. Still, the songs are a pretty seamless continuation of Weed Hounds’ previous work. The more casual environment only provided more time to experiment, tinker, and perfect.

Formed in Long Island, NY in 2009, Weed Hounds are Laura Catalano (guitar, vocals), Nick Rice (guitar, vocals), Patrick Stankard (bass), and Francesco Montesanto (drums).