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Amy Klein "Fire" 12"

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Amy Klein is a critically lauded poet and songwriter from New Jersey. She has been writing poetry since the age of five and fell in love with guitar later in her teens. Since then she has cut her teeth in fantastic bands such as Titus Andronicus, Leda and Hilly Eye. With one foot firmly rooted in perfect punk prose and the other in lush melody, Klein’s debut solo venture Fire will be released June 10 via Don Giovanni Records.

Title track “Fire” opens the record with an exhilarating guitar groove, building to a climactic peak of dueling guitar and distorted vocals. Poetic pop cut “Yes Men” harnesses the emotional wound of a disingenuous relationship. “American City” recalls Klein’s familiar stomp, amplified by crisp percussion and crunchy guitar riffs.

In addition to Amy on guitar and vocals, Klein’s live band includes Colin Brooks (The New Same, Sea Ray) on drums, Christian Bongers (Hurricane Bells) on bass, and Jeremy Wilms (King Mono, Holly Miranda) on guitar and keys. Catch them live at Silent Barn on June 23 for the Fire record release show. Stay tuned for more opportunities to experience them live coming soon!

1. Fire
2. Twenty-Seven
3. Halfway
4. Yes Men
5. You Are The One
6. Valerie
7. Parallels
8. Someone Else's Night
9. American City
10. Ocean Grove
11. Runaway

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