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Big Eyes "Stake My Claim" 12"

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Stake My Claim, the band’s third full length, was recorded throughout the fall and winter of 2015. It opens with their heaviest song to date, the title track, which sets a tone of Kait at a crossroad: “‘Cause nothing stays the same / stake my claim.” Her lyrics are centered around dissatisfaction and a need for change. Throughout the entirety of Big Eyes’ discography, there is an undercurrent of sadness and frustration, but within Stake My Claim, Kait has found a sense of acceptance.

With the release of Stake My Claim, Big Eyes have expanded from a power trio to a four piece band, and are now able to showcase the driving, dueling guitar leads and classic power pop vocal harmonies of their albums within their live shows. With Kait on guitar and lead vocals, featuring Paul Ridenour on guitar and backup vocals, Malcolm Donaldson on bass, and Griffin Harrison on drums, the band sounds more complete and finessed than ever before. Despite location and lineup changes, Eldridge has always had a clear vision for Big Eyes: to find her own distinct balance between punk, hard rock and pop.

1. Stake My Claim
2. Behind Your Eyes
3. Just Not Right
4. Giving It Up For Good
5. Leave This Town
6. When You Were 25
7. Cheerleader
8. Curse of the Tides
9. Count The Pegs
10. Alls I Know

All songs written by Kait Eldridge
Drums recorded by Colin Marston at Thousand Caves
Guitar, bass, vocals, bells and whistles recorded by Griffin Harrison
Mixing and post-production by Evan Mersky
Mastered by Carl Saff

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