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Cherokee Rose "To All The Wild Horses" CD

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Whereas Buckskin was Rose's first demo tape and was largely missed, To All The Wild Horses had some support and plays from reservation radio stations, and she toured coffee shops, art spaces, as well as Native cultural events and niche music festivals in support of it. However mainstream success still eluded Cherokee Rose. Culturally, there seemed to be an impenetrable barrier from the place Rose was operating, and what at the time in the 1990s was considered to be popular music. As formats for how music is released and consumed changed over the decades, much of Rose’s earliest recorded output was relegated to obscurity for the fact that it seemed to exist in a vacuum.

1. Ma Ko Wey
2. Get Tribal
3. Cherokee
4. Baby of the Sky
5. How the Night
6. We Dance
7. Still
8. To All The Wild Horses
9. I Will Be
10. Kachina

All Songs Written, Arranged & Produced by: Rose
Engineered by: Beaz
Mixed by: Rose & Beaz
House of Rhythm Studios, Mpls, MN
Mastered by: Carl Saff

Release date: March 11, 2022

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