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Chris Gethard "Career Suicide" 2x12"

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Sometimes comedy allows us to deal with stuff that we aren’t quite ready to deal with. And depression is something that people still don’t like to talk about it. Luckily, Chris is a hilarious storyteller and is willing to talk about all of it, to what can only be referred to as an ill-advised degree.
— Judd Apatow

People have expressed to me that making comedy about depression is insensitive. I vehemently disagree. We need to start laughing about this stuff, so maybe we can finally be comfortable talking about it afterwards. I just try to make sure my jokes come from an honest place, and unfortunately for me being honest means copping to the fact that I once crashed a car on purpose.
— Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide is a comedy about depression, alcoholism, suicide, and the other funniest parts of life. Chris holds nothing back as he dives into his experiences with mental illness, psychiatry, and finding hope in weird places… even northern New Jersey. From devastating lows to manic highs, Chris Gethard: Career Suicide is a painfully honest journey into the mind of one of the most original and exciting comics at work today.

1. Career Suicide Intro
2. Valley Road
3. The Ride Home
4. The Clinic Doctor
5. Time Phone
6. They Work Well For Me
7. Street Level
8. Barb Two
9. One Night In New Brunswick
10. Leaving It All Behind
11. The Train
12. Los Angeles
13. Calling The Clinic Doctor
14. Working In New York
15. The Halls Of 30 Rock
16. Four Days On A Couch
17. Sail Into The Sunset
18. Shit Still Goes Down
19. I Lied To Barb
20. Asssscat
21. Weehawken
22. The Stakehouse
23. Barb Three
24. Thursday
25. Another Type Of Email

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