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December Wind "Hoka" CD

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Hailing from Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, 2-time Nammy award winning singer/songwriter Atsiaktonkie's band December Wind carries messages of peace, healing, traditional values that are diviningly inspired through their "folk with feathers" genre that has touched people's hearts around the world.

Their New CD,"Hoka" with Hall of Famer, Keith Secola producing is their most passionate and focused material yet! Blending the Native American spirit of December Wind with Healing Messages for the Spirit of Humankind.

Embarking on their New Journey with their strong influence of Native American Culture addressing spirit issues and strength of the Native Peoples of today! With over 2000 songs to his credit this 2-time Multi nominated Award winning Folk artist and his band has shared the stage with Meryl Haggard, George Jones,Aerosmith, Foreigner, Carrie Underwood and many other great artists! This prolific songwriter has touched so many with the beauty of his songs, and in fact saved the life of a woman from Pittsburgh,PA who sought him out to thank him in person, about a time she stood in her kitchen, on a chair, with a rope around her neck and their music came on the radio. And she sought out help. A group of inmates at San Diego State Prison sent them hawk feathers and said that their music had set them free! We can find their upcoming release on many online stores to be announced.

"No matter what they say, No matter what they do, we will still survive!" - Where are my People lyrics summarize December Wind's statement for the rejuvenating of the Native American Spirit!-Shane Wilder, Trans American Broadcast Corp- once wrote of their past releases, "They don't come better than this. Grab it. Every cut a gem. Five Stars!"

1. Sacred Ground
2. Imma Big Boy Now
3. Broken NDN
4. Settled In
5. Flute Song
6. Run NDN Run
7. I Ride My Bike
8. Without Answers
9. So, They Know
-----Bonus Tracks----
10. 215
11. Rise

Produced by Keith Secola

Release date: July 22, 2022

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